Instacoll Launches Live Presentations – “Software and Service” Model (Integrated with Twitter)

Instacoll has launched Live Presentations product that’s delivered as ‘Software and Service’ model (embraced by Microsoft for it’s Live product suite).

Essentially, Live Presentations is available as a desktop software as well as browser-based service offering – both versions offer rich functionality to create, edit and collaborate on presentations and users can seamlessly switch from one platform to the other at any point of time.

Live Presentations Architecture
Live Presentations Architecture

The desktop version offers full offline functionality – all changes made to documents when offline are automatically synced back to the server the next time the user goes online.

Live Presentations offers collaboration as well as integration with Flickr and Twitter (for both desktop as well as browser version). What really impressed me was the twitter integration – presenters can use Twitter as a backchannel to get feedback in a conference-type setting.

What’s missing? Bullets. As per Instacoll team, bullets facilitate creation of bad ppts (do you agree?) and hence no bullets in Live presentations!.

Have a look at the product demo here. What’s your opinion of Live presentations?

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