Now Search Within Instagram On Your Desktop

Instagram might not let users create content on the desktop yet, but the company has added search to the web experience, allowing users to search hashtags, users and locations.

Instagram Search

The move signifies how is becoming more in line with the app’s functionalities, making sure that people are conversing on the platform all the time.

In addition to being able to search for things for the web, Instagram has also created landing pages for geotags and hashtags, and users will see top posts from a  particular location.

Instagram is still a mobile-first app and its web exploits are merely ways to drive more traffic. The company said that these embeds are creating 5.3 bn impressions for them.

Not many other image-focused mobile apps have shown willingness to move to a desktop interface like Instagram, however, it is to be seen how big a positive impact the move will really have.

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