A 21 year old writes about “Instagram Generation” ..and is a must read

That we were gifted Instagram after years of being conditioned to emphasize the cosmetic was almost poetic; if all of the obsession with it was a stick of dynamite, then Instagram was the spark at the end of the fuse.

The truth, then, is this: our generation was raised with an understanding that the image we portrayed mattered more than who we actually were. We believed this not out of some malevolent, externally imposed agenda, but because it was actually true. The result was that nothing we ever did felt organic; instead, everything felt like a checked box. You played sports to prove you were competitive. You took classes to get grades, those wonderful letters that separated friends and induced panic attacks and never really went away and felt like the world for as long as I can remember.

The question is: Can you ditch Instagram? Can you kill the medium? Can you kill Facebook? WhatsApp?

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