Entrepreneurs: Here is the billion dollar reason to smile when being called ‘stupid’ and ‘lame’

“This will never work”

“This is an awful stupid idea”

“You guys are lame. You know nothing about the industry”

Every entrepreneur goes through this and while you have an option to get sucked in to criticism/cynicism (and give in), the other option is to just go big bang and build something awesome.

Take a look at what Google autocomplete recommends for ‘Instagram’ query:

Instagram is Stupid and Lame
Instagram is Stupid and Lame, Yeah baby!

For the uninitiated, Google autocomplete predicts and displays search queries based on other users’ search activities – so essentially, this is what the world was thinking about Instagram, till they hit the billion dollar jackpot. Maybe,a fraction of them even shared the ‘stupid’ and ‘lame’ opinion with the founders, on-their-face!

Oh well, being stupid and lame is the only way to survive this game and if you haven’t yet started enjoying being called ‘stupid’ and ‘lame’ (and other variations of such love expressions), you are just not doing enough.

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