Instagram Now Moves; Adds Support for Video


Instagram Now Moves; Adds Support for Video

instagram videoFollowing in the footsteps of Twitter yet again, Facebook has now added video to Instagram. Though similar to Twitter’s Vine and Cinemagram it takes the short video format to the next level.

Facebook is hoping that it can cash in on its already existing 130 million users that have shared a total of 16 billion photos and accumulating 1 billion likes a day to leap frog already existing services.

To begin with videos on Instagram can be a maximum of 15 second long compared with Vine that supports just 6 seconds. This would give users an option to be more creative. The minimum length of a Instagram video is 3 seconds.

Just like Cinemagram and Vine, users can pause and clip videos pieces together but unlike the others one can actually rerecord a clip and change it.

The user interface of the app is just the same and  the only difference will be the capture screen which now also includes a video record button.

True to its photo counterpart, the app comes with 13 filters that one can use to enhance the videos.  Vine does not have any support for filters.

Another unique feature with Instagram is that it allows you to set a cover photo from any scene in the video. In Vine and Cinemagram, it usually is the first scene.

Unlike Vine in which a video loops, in Instagram the videos will only play automatically but not loop.

The app will be available from both Android (4.1 and above) and iPhone immediately. To recall, Instagram launched on Android much after iPhone and is still to come to other platforms like Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Instagram also has one feature which is iOS only. The feature is called Cinema which automatically stabilizes videos. The feature is currently available only for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

While it is nice for Instagram to include video also, we wonder if a different app or tab would have served the purpose better. The experience now could get a little jarring and unsettling for Instagram users who are not used to seeing things move.

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