Guide to Install Darky’s ROM for first time ROM Flashers [Samsung Galaxy S]

[This is a guide to install Darky’s ROM to boost the performance of Samsung Galaxy S.]

I’ve noticed for some time now that the Galaxy S, as brilliant as it is, gets slower and slower over time. This happens mostly because of the software running on the phone. It is however possible to get custom coded software that is faster and overall better in almost all ways.

This tutorial is meant to quickly get u accustomed to flashing new ROMs, namely darky’s rom v8.0.

What is Flashing??

Flashing is just another word for installing custom software or firmware on your phone.

There are a few things you need to know before you start flashing ROMs on your phone.

Download mode:

Shutdown your phone first. The download mode can be activated by holding the following buttons in a combination till the galaxy s screen appears, then release. The screen shows a yellow icon with Downloading written on the screen.

<volume down>+<power>+<home>

Recovery mode:

Shutdown your phone first. Recovery mode menu can be accessed by holding the following buttons in a combination till the galaxy s screen appears, then release. Navigate in this menu using volume rocker. Select an option using home button for Stock Recovery or power button for ClockWorkMod Recovery.

<volume up>+<power>+<home>


Odin3 is a software flashing tool. It has a fairly easy interface and is easy to use.


1)This guide is intended ONLY FOR the Galaxy S GT-I9000.

2)Backup all your data before proceeding. This install is a wipe version as it will insure smooth installation.

3)Rooting your phone will void warranty.

4)Although unlikely, if you do not follow exact instructions, you may end up bricking your phone!!

P.S.: In my personal experience, it is almost impossible to brick your Galaxy S.

But first, let us check up on a few things on your phone…

Before installing Darky’s ROM, you need to verify that your phone has one of the following software versions:

? Samsung Stock Eclair 2.1

? Samsung Stock Froyo 2.2 / 2.2.1

? Darky’s ROM v6.x or v7.x

To check your version go to Settings >> About phone

You can check your version in your baseband, firmware version and build number.

Make sure you have all drivers installed before you proceed.

Disable any lagfix that you may have applied!!!

One final warning: Backup all your important data!!! This install will wipe your internal sd card.

Lets get your phone ready for the install!!

Download darky’s rom v8.0 wipe version from the link below.

Step 1: Set debugging mode on from Settings>>Applications>>Development

Step 2: Rooting your phone.

Eclair or 2.1 users follow the method below:

Download the app z4root from the link below and install it on your device.

Open it and permanently root your device.


Froyo or 2.2/2.2.1 users:

1) Download Odin3 v1.7 from link below.!download|173tl3|429803887|Odin3_v1.7.exe|422

2) Download the right version of CF-Root for your baseband version from the links below.

Select the 1.7 busybox version.

also check:

3) Open Odin3 and make sure re-partition and clear EFS are not checked.

click on the PDA button and select the .tar file from your unzipped CF-Root file.

4) Restart phone in download mode and connect to computer via usb.

Odin3 will recognize that the phone has been connected and will show com port in a yellow box.

5) Click on start and wait for Odin to finish the procedure.

6) Your phone will automatically reboot after the operation has been completed.

Congratulations!!! You have just rooted your phone.

Step 3: Installing ClockWorkMod Recovery from the market.

1) Download Rom Manager from market.

2) Start ROM Manager. Choose "Flash ClockworkMod Recovery"

Your phone is now ready to install Darky’s rom v8.0

Lets Begin The Actual Installation:

1) Download Darky’s rom file onto the internal sd card of your phone. Do not open the zip file as this will break its signature.


Download ClockworkMod Recovery from above.

You need ClockworkMod Recovery, as this won’t work with the Stock Samsung Recovery.

Open rom manager and select flash clockworkmod recovery and select your phone model.

Then select reboot into recovery.

Select apply sd card zip (You may have to apply sd card update twice for ClockWorkMod Recovery to start.)

3) Shutdown the phone and reboot into recovery mode by using button combo.

4) Select install zip from sd card. Navigate to the zip file downloaded from darky’s site and select.

5) The installation should start on its own.

The installation should take about 2-5 mins, after which you will return to the ClockWorkMod recovery menu.

6) Select reboot system and wait. Do not be alarmed if you hear a robotic voice giving you an ETA on completion.

7) The first boot may take a while, do not panic.

Congratulations! You have completed the installation of darky’s rom!

The lagfix is disabled by default as the rom performs perfectly without it! But it can be easily activated from the recovery menu.

To activate voodoo lagfix (built-in) follow these steps:

1) Shutdown phone and reboot into recovery mode.

2) Select voodoo lagfix.

This screen will show you the current status of the lagfix.

The lagfix may be activated and de-activated as you like.

3) Reboot phone and wait…this process may take upto 20 mins, do not panic and restart your phone. The first boot will take more time than usual.

I sincerely hope you enjoy using this rom.

Consider donating to Darky from his page on xda developers if you like the rom.

Heartfelt thanks to:

– Darky and R64 for a brilliant rom that continues to surprise with every new release.

– Rahulrulez for posting version links and many other users from the online community.

– For more information and news, head over to darky’s new website

Guest article contributed by Chaitanya Khanapure, a Gadget freak. Reproduced from Gadgethon’s How to Install Darky’s ROM for first time ROM Flashers [Samsung Galaxy S]

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