Instamojo Adds Feature to Secure Pdf from Piracy; Great News for Digital Goods Sellers

Instamojo, the platform that helps you sell digital goods online, has launched Instamping- a pdf stamping feature which can secure pdf files from being pirated.

The feature lets you stamp your pdf files with the buyer’s information at the time of sale so as to discourage the buyer from sharing copyrighted content.Instamping

Instamping will be quite useful for artists, designers, writers and others who produce digital content and sell it online.

To secure pdf from piracy, you can simply login to Instamojo and select the “secure your pdf” button, the company said in a blogpost.

The Instamojo platform can be used to sell tickets, reports, code and other digital goods without having to setup site. One can simply upload the files for sale and start accepting payments form online buyers on Instamojo. The startup has been rolling out a few nifty features from time to time that make the platform better.

Recently, it launched an API which can be used by developers to create, edit, query and archive offers programmatically.

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