Instamojo: Sell your stuff by just sharing a link

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Instamojo: Sell your stuff by just sharing a link

If landing pages were a parameter, then is already a success in my opinion. With a clutter free and minimalistic approach Instamojo aims to simplify the entire process of selling your stuff online with a link.instamojo

At the heart of the service lies the belief that selling or giving your things online should be as simple as posting it, sharing the link and then giving it away. Co-founded by Sampad Swain, whose previous ecommerce venture WanaMo was acquired and later launched as DealsAndYou, Instamojo surely has a lot of potential.

Currently the site Instamojo allows users to set up their account by entering their Facebook credentials and start giving away things for free. In the current model in which the site is operating, there are two sections, either you “give away stuff”, which could be an old book, clothes or something else altogether. When you post about that stuff, you get a small link to share on social networking sites or you can embed it in blogs or even email it. People who need that thing can click on that link and decide upon a mutual location for the exchange to take place.

The second option currently is to “schedule an event” under which people give away their time, which is essentially their skill. The members of the co-founding team, a famous VC among a host of other people have given away their time via Instamojo. In the currently operating model, Instamojo doesn’t charge money for “things” and “time” people are giving away for free. According to co-founder Sampad, this will continue to happen even when the site launches it paid platform in the coming weeks.

With the launching of the paid platform, people would be able to sell their digital content online via Instamojo. The approach would remain the same as before, where the link to the content is shared across social platforms. This would form the basis of the money stream for Instamojo. The website would provide encryption to prevent digital theft of the content along with a preview of the digital service and the currently available metrics and analytics for the links shared by the creators.

The bigger question for Instamojo team is ‘who do you compete with?’ From a classified site (like Quikr which is used by consumers to sell their stuff) to domain service (used by SME players to ‘sell stuff‘) ? Do give Instamojo a spin and share your comments.

[Instamojo launched its public beta @UnPluggd, India’s Biggest Startup Event. 

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