Intel Focuses on Mobiles and Smartphones, Offers the Next Big Features


Intel Focuses on Mobiles and Smartphones, Offers the Next Big Features

To tap into the growing smartphone and mobile market, especially in emerging markets like India, chipmaker Intel has introduced several new chipset in its ‘Bay Trail’ lineup that offer powerful processing at an affordable price with low on battery usage.

After powering PC industry for decades, Intel is now very serious about mobile and tablet segments as well.

At an event few hours ago, Intel announced a new processor “Bay Trail” which is based on company’s last year low-power and high performance  “Silvermont”. Bay Trail offers several variants — Bay Trail-M, Bay Trail-N among others that can be used to power smartphones, tablets, as well as laptops, desktops and all in ones.

The affordable price and higher battery performance makes it prominent in Asia-pacific region including India — which as the company estimates will account for 18% of the demand of tablet in 2014.  The company is working with several Indian OEMs to bring Intel-based tablets for as low as Rs 10,000.


Intel also gave a glimpse of its upcoming powerful 2.13GHz Intel Atom processor Z3480 (“Merrifield”) which is 64-bit ready and will offer the best in class performance and long battery life to tablets. There’s another 64-bit with support for LTE Intel Atom processor “Moorefield” which will be available in coming months that offers 2.3GHz of computational power, with enhanced GPU and support for faster memory.

The company has the next big thing ready — that is the 64-bit processors for our smartphones and tablets on their shelves to roll out, the technology is there, they are just waiting for the OEMs to step their games. Several of them have already adapted to the new technology, for instance, Apple’s latest iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina sport 64-bit processors.

Over the last few months, several OEMs have rolled new smartphones, tablets and laptops running on Intel’s new processors. The company has realized that it is time they gave more emphasis on smartphones and tablets. The PC market space is on a decline — despite people’s need to purchase new computers as several hundreds of thousands computers needed upgrade as Windows XP reached its end of support. Whereas the demand of tablets and smartphones have only been expanding.

Tablet and smartphones demand in India

The recent studies by global analytics firm IDC suggested that there has been a significant boost in the sales of tablets — especially phablets and smartphones over the last few months. Sandeep Aurora, Director-Marketing and Market Development, Intel South Asia stated that there are over 200 million potential customers in India for several screen sizes and price points.

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