intelloCut reduces cutting room wastage of garment manufacturers, cuts cost by 2 to 5% [Unpluggd Demo #7]

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intelloCut reduces cutting room wastage of garment manufacturers, cuts cost by 2 to 5% [Unpluggd Demo #7]

To provide end to end cutting room solution to reduce manual decision making in the garment manufacturing segment,  ThreadSol Softwares Private Limited has launched intelloCut. It primarily aims to improve the overall fabric usage, minimize fabric wastage and reduce labor and operational time in garment manufacturing segment.

The Bangalore based startup claims to cut manufacturing cost of any garment factory by 2-5% and has significant impact on the bottom-lines of the garment manufacturing factories. Fabric is the costliest resource for every garment manufacturing unit and accounts around 80% of their input costs.The cutting room of every factory transforms the raw fabric to garments. However, there are no solutions that do complete cutting room planning right from orders received to creating the most efficient cutting plan to handling fabric rolls and finally generate repeatable-measurable-quantifiable eco-system in the cutting room powered by technology.

intelloCut solves the above pain-points and offers most efficient cut order planning with roll allocation feature which ensures manufacturers to utilize even the last inch of the fabric rolls sans any wastage. Fabric comes in many shades, shrinkages, widths etc. The automated its elegant algorithmic implementation that saves fabric, labor and time. Intellocut also grouping feature of intelloCut divides the total orders of any factory in a way that each group is completely utilized and complete sets of garments can be cut that conform to the same group.

The intelloCut is based on php, java, mySQL, jQuery and javascript service and it can be deployed on cloud. The company also offers complete reporting plus notification mobile app that connects the operation managers with the production cutting rooms in real-time.

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