Interesting Comments Roundup #1

At , we get loads of interesting insightful comments. Sometimes these comments are lost in the sea of other comments and sometimes they create great discussions. Irrespective of their…

At , we get loads of interesting insightful comments. Sometimes these comments are lost in the sea of other comments and sometimes they create great discussions.

Irrespective of their effects,  we will do a weekly roundup of some of these interesting comments/insights shared by our ‘reader + writers’.

And here is the first installment:

@Patrick on Producing Bill Gates/Zuckerbery from India] :

I’m an American that lived in Hyderabad for 8 months just after college. I think the best reason to describe why India has a hard time producing Gates / Zuckerburg / Jobs / etc. is best told with a somewhat related observation I had while in India:

Popular rock bands in India play very little of their own music.

Most rock bands I saw in India played predominantly covers of British / American / etc. songs. When I look at my friends in the U.S., they might play one or two cover songs, but most of what they play is completely original. Playing a cover song is easy – everyone knows it and will automatically sing along.

Playing your own music is hard – there’s a risk that people wont like it. There’s the risk that you’re exposing too much of yourself. The problem with avoiding this risk, though, is that you avoid the reward too! How much better would it be to have the crowd singing YOUR song?!

I think this propensity for risk is the difference between India and the U.S. I keep encouraging my friends from India to start their own ventures, but their current jobs pay too well for them to risk starting (and failing) their own ventures.

I think American developers would kill to have the salary-to-living expenses ratio that India developers have. With a bit more of a stomach for risk, I think all of the other elements become secondary for Indian  [

[@KeepItReal on Seventymm story] :
I think getting VC funding for beaten down, uninnovative, execution and scale based business in the internet space in India is more like a hex, and seems like a spell of imminent doom. VC funding is a buzz killer for sure, at least based on the past history.

..Most of the Indian VCs handling your operations don’t really understand the internet landscape. Moreover, none of them have really built, or were involved in any worthwhile or successful internet or new media venture in India. The only two notable deals that amount to anything like a payout were the Indiaworld and bazee deal, back in web dog years of the new millenium. Believe it ot not, nothing since then. So lets stop pretending like you really are looking for a real payout. For the damn millions you burned here, should save face – don’t think so.

@Prashant on mobile usage survey conducted by Mobisy team :

I guess that result of this survey shows a subtle and Bigger problem at hand . Media Sharing is biggest “demand” or “desired” feature for mobile but we know that there are more than one application to accomplish that objective . a Bigger problem for mobile is to ensure Application discovery and usage[ usability ] . how do user discover and install app without worrying too much about Compatibility with device ,Nw Dependency etc . –

@Vipul on Seventymm’s $12mn funding (and their operational execution):

Funding!= Success might be true Ashish.. But on a slight tangent, it does hurt the Indian internet start ups at the end of the day.
When(Am not saying IF) companies like Seventymm fail , they create create a lot of negative buzz about Indian Internet companies and their poor implementation in the investment circles.

This impacts the more promising and the adventurous start ups in the internet space as the VCs get extremely conservative and apprehensive as a consequence of the above.

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