Make international calls from GTalk


Make international calls from GTalk

tringmeGTalk or any native Jabber client doesn’t allow one to make internationals calls or use the IM client as  a Skype alternative.

TringMe has launched a new feature which allows making calls (to any phone or SIP URI) from one’s GTalk client.

Here is how it works:

  • Add to your GTalk contact.
  • To make a call to a number, merely send a message – call <number> – to For e.g. call 18585551212 would initiate a call to 1-858-555-1212.
  • You can also call other TringMe users by merely using their email address. For e.g., call would connect user to whatever destination the user has chosen to terminate upon.
  • You can reach more than 40 million worldwide SIP users using Gtalk just by typing their SIP URI. For e.g call will connect you to Greg’s SIP serve

The feature is under testing and will go live by Feb end (one can stil test ride it by signing with their Gmail id).

TringMe’s calling rates are quite cheaper and with this integration, they are definitely giving a big fight to Skype (and others).

What’s your take? TringMe introduced worldwide calling a few weeks back, and this is a device extension which surely will increase adoption.

» More details at TringMe blog
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