Internet Adoption in India Lowest In APAC; Average Connection Speed at 1.3 Mbps

Internet adoption and speed in India fared poorly and slipped many ranks even as the Internet infrastructure in nations such as China saw significant improvement, a new report has said.

The quarterly report, by Akamai Technologies, said that while global high broadband adoption rate continued to increase in the second quarter, growing 14% quarter on quarter, Internet adoption in India slipped. The country was back into the position as the country with lowest level of high broadband adoption among qualifying countries at .2%. China’s high broadband adoption grew 141% quarter on quarter to 1.1%.

Akamai Q2 Average Connection Speed

India has had historically low broadband rates and with mobile internet picking up, broadband adoption might take a backseat. Data from India’s telecom regulator says that it added only 50,000 subscribers in March.

Average Internet connection speed in India grew less than 10% quarter and quarter to 1.3 Mbps. Average peak connection speed in india was 10.5 Mbps, the lowest among Asian countries. However, the increase in average peak connection speed saw an impressive growth.Akamai Q2 Broadband

In the broadband category (>4 Mbps), India was ranked at #50, among countries in the Asia Pacific region.

India ranked number 6th on the list of top countries from where attack traffic originates. China and US were ranked #2 and #3 respectively. Indonesia was ranked the highest.

Full report here (pdf).

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