The new age internet – from attention to engagement

If we merely throw a glance at history, it’s quite hard to miss how the focus has shifted from providers to consumers in the WWW. In ancient times, content was all paid; and consumers had to pay to obtain it. Gradually, the focus shifted hands and consumers became the king. Content was freely available and providers vied and paid for consumers’ attention. This was such a paradigm shift in the way the internet operated. However, we are at a new stage now!

Google announced that they are bringing Twitter and Friend Connect closer. With this social marriage, people will be able to use twitter directly from the website which has FriendConnect integrated. One will be able to tweet without leaving the site, invite followers, and do a host of things. Here’s a video explaining the system –

On the heels of this announcement, Yahoo posted on their corporate blog that they are integrating Facebook Connect across Yahoo’s properties; thus enabling users to view their friends’ activities, and share content forth.

We have truly entered a stage where-in not only the consumers’ attention is that’s desired; but his engagement too. So what’s this? Web 4.0? 😉

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