Access Internet via any display device – @Box from Ichip


Access Internet via any display device – @Box from Ichip

One of the major reasons why Internet penetration in India is low is because of the dismal PC penetration.

Hyderabad based IChip has an interesting solution to combat this – @box.

@box allows access to broadband internet without having a typical PC around. The product allows the user to access the net through any display device, a TV for instance, or a projector etc.

Tech Specifications

The @box comes bundled with Firefox and includes full flash, HD video, 2D/3D graphics and a suite of applications. In other words what is available on the Net, which is perhaps everything, can be enjoyed or studied sitting on your sofa or a school bench, on a TV or projector at a marginal cost.  – more

@Box costs Rs. 6,990/ (standard package includes keyboard, track ball, power adaptor and a cable to connect to the television) and the company has partnered with BSNL Broadband to supply @Box to its rural subscribers at a subisdised cost of Rs 2,500 per set (via).

What’s your opinion on @box technology? It does has the potential to change the India’s Internet penetration story.

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