Internet Penetration in India : Hot or Not?


Internet Penetration in India : Hot or Not?

Comscore has released an interesting report called ‘World of Search’ and here are a few findings:

  • Total of 69 billion searches occured in October 2007, conducted by 775 million unique searchers.
  • US alone was responsible for 21% of the search query, followed by China (9.5% ).
  • India doesn’t figure in the top 8 countries.


Details (via TC) :

  • In 1996,67% of all people online lived in the U.S. By last October, that had completely flipped, with 77 % of the online population living in the rest of the world and only 23 percent in the U.S. – i.e. epicenter of www is shifting away from US.
  • Homegrown Market – Leading websites in big markets such as Russia, Japan, and South Korea tend to be homegrown as well.
    India has no story to share here.
  • UU – i.e. unique user story:
    • US stands at 162 million.
    • China ~96 million
    • India at 8th position, @ 25.2 million users.
  • Top Email Service is of course, Y! Mail with 262.2 million unique visitors in oct, 2007, closely followed by Hotmail (256.4mn). Gmail secures 3rd position with 87.1 mn unique visitors.

On the face of it, India story (i.e. 8th position worldwide) doesn’t look that bad – but it’s surely bad if you look at the real numbers, given the Internet penetration w.r.t country’s population (China is doing far better than India and the core emerging markets are well placed than India).

Infact, the bottom 6 countries’ Internet penetration summed together is almost equivalent to the figures from top 2 country (i.e. US + China) – Classic case of Digital divide?

What’s your opinion?

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