South Asia: Internet Penetration 5x Lower than World Average, Mobile Subscriptions Up

Here is more news to cement the fact that mobile is taking over the world. The number of mobile phone subscriptions in the world increased by 173 million in 2013 or 93% of the world’s population says a report by wearesocial.

The South Asian countries’ internet penetration of 7% was about five times lower than the world average of 35%. However, in India there has been a percent increase since November 2012 to reach 12% of India’s population.

The report that lists out the social, digital and mobile trends of the world found India and South Asia underperformed in most parameters, but caught up with the world when it came to mobile.

However, both fared well in terms of the world average on mobile subscriptions. The South Asian mobile penetration rate of 72% was close to the world average of 93%. According to the report, mobile penetration in India fell by 5% as opposed to the 78% reported in 2012.

On an average Indian mobile users spent just over 2.5 hours using the internet on their mobile phones.

Social Media in India

Social networking grew exponentially in 2013, with 1,184 million people actively using Facebook across the world. 90 million of these users came from India who spent an average of 2.5 hours a day on social media sites.

In fact, the world over social media apps were the most accessed on mobile. According to Facebook, three-quarters of its users or 874 million users across the world access the site using its mobile phone apps. a significant portion does come from India where 57% of the mobile using population accessed social media apps on their phones.

Smartphone Users

More than 13% of India’s total population use smartphones says the report. A majority of the users their smartphones for research of to look up local information.

While 91-95% of these users researched or sought information on products, just about half of them went ahead and bought a product using their smartphones. According to the report, only 54% of those who looked up the products also went ahead and purchased it.

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