Internet Searches in India – 51 per month (per netizen)

Data from comscore reveals that Indian netizen hit the search button on an average 51 times during a month, securing 10th position in APAC region.

Korea tops the list (102.8) followed by Australia, Japan, Singapore (91.2), New Zealand (87.2), Hong Kong (81), China (76.6), Taiwan (74.8) and Malaysia (64.2) and India (51) on search intensity ranking.[ET]

In terms of unique searchers, China leads the pack (143.5 million searchers conducting 11 billion search queries in July), followed by Japan (61 million searchers conducting nearly 6.2 billion searches) – India just has 23.4 million searchers conducting 1.2 billion searches.

So, essentially India’s challenge is not just the number of Internet users, but also the engagement/usage.

As far as comscore is concerned, their data doesn’t take into account the Internet access from cybercafes (which is the most important data point for India)- but that’s the only piece of data that can be trusted (for the lack of any other credible source of information).

What’s your take on these numbers?

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