Internet services banned in Udaipur for 2 days; Why? Because Exams

To avoid fake candidates and cheating, district administration will ban internet services in Udaipur on 14th and 15th July.
According to SP Rajendra Prasad Goyal “On both 14th and 15th July, internet services would be unavailable in the city. Initially, we tried to ban internet services in only those areas of the city where the centers of these exams were. But since the city has 24 exam centers, it would be difficult to ban internet in specific areas. Hence, it is possible that the internet would be unavailable in the entire district”.


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  1. How will Internet ban prevent this? People will find better means to cheat.
    Unless govt actually fixes the main issue (and the mafia / nexus between teachers and institutes), how will this help?
    Glad that nextbigwhat is focused on bringing more such perspective than ‘giving in to mediocrity’ of just high impact (metro city) news.

  2. Junk masala news with masala headline, publish some real news and articles instead of such non sense. I would have accepted such nonsense if at least some real data as how many lakhs (14) of students appeared in the exam, and what was the issues (widespread cheating) govt. faced last time.
    This is the real problem with people in big cities don’t understand how big India is and its diversity.

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