Hey Hacker! Want to Intern at Twitter?

Young hackers looking to intern at one of the hottest Internet company, here’s your chance. Hackerrank, a portal launched by Interview Street, where hackers can prove their mettle is launching a hacking contest on 6 April.

Earlier this month, Hackerrank organised a coding contest for IIT’s to identify the best IITian Coder. It was a bot to bot challenge. Out of the hundreds of IITians who signed up, Piyush Kapoor, a computer engineering students at Indian Institute of  Technology (BHU) won the contest. Piyush, who goes by the handle javacoder is also an accomplished hacker with a worldwide ranking of 214 on SPOJ, an online judging platform for programmers.Twitter InternshipJay Pandya, a B Tech student from IIIT- Hyderabad came second who goes by the handle Mendax from IIT-H won the second rank. Besides the prizes, the winner also got an office hour with Akash Garg, the founder of hi5.com who is now a Vice President at Twitter.

A hacker, who goes by the handle Arijit_91, and Guru991 from IIT Madras who finished a 14 hour hackathon to rush to the Hackerrank contest came 4th and 5th. Arijit was last years winner.

Participation from IITs
Participation from IITs

Interestingly, the contest saw highest number of participants from IIT- Madras & Kharagpur. If you are a company looking for some of the best hackers in the country, you know where to look!

Sign Up for the contest here.

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