What You Can Learn From Interstellar : We Need A Partner, Even If Its AI Or A BOT

So after waiting for 2 long years, Interstellar was finally released and here is what I learned from Interstellar.

  1. Thank god that we have Space missions going on, as you know Dinosaurs are gone!Interstellar_film_poster
  2. Technology beyond pleasure is what will keep us alive.
  3. We are meant to live, not die.
  4. Time is relative. So spend it wisely.
  5. We must work to save ourselves before we face death.
  6. A moment in time is worth a lifetime somewhere, don’t waste it.
  7. Success & failure both has a price to pay.
  8. We need a partner, even if its AI or a BOT
  9. There is nothing like family.
  10. Gravity has its gravity.

I understand the fact the this piece of art, this film has a lot more to teach us, and its something that our near future may face, but these are the top 10 things that i personally learned from it and will treasure these lessons throughout my journey in this universe.
Take Care.
[Guest article by Veer Mishra. Veer is the founder of SellMouse.]
Image credit : wikipedia

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