Interview with Pothi Founders : “Our mainstay is going to build a community of authors and readers”

I raised couple of questions in my earlier review of Pothi – whether they would like to create a brand of their own or partner with stores, are they targeting serious authors or casual ones (like bloggers etc).

So, here is a quick QnA with Jaya Jha and Abhaya Agarwal, co-founders:

What’s your target market?

Writers and Readers. Yes – it is that simplistic for us. It is likely that we’ll see this model becoming more successful with either certain niche kind of content or with certain kind of writers. But right now, we are not putting our bets on one or the other. The market is nascent, awareness is low and hence these are the broad challenges we need to tackle right now.

What’s your funding status? Are you looking to raise funds?

We are currently bootstrapping with small amount of funding from friends. We are certainly looking for funding as funding would help us move at a much faster rate that we currently are able to and we are talking to some VCs. But right now our priority is to put the basics in place. So, we are not that aggressive on this front for next few months. Following up with VCs taken up a lot of time, which we can use for the company right now. We’d highly welcome indivdual investors (as opposed to investment firms),

who see the potential in the idea, identify with our passion for books and are willing to put in some money.

Do you see a huge opportunity in India? What do you think can potentially tip the market?

India is one of those rare countries, where print medium is growing. We certainly see a huge potential here. It is difficult to pin-point one thing that would really tip the market, but we see big latent opportunity with Indian Language writing and invite all the Indian Language authors to give self publishing and a try.

What’s your strategy in terms of acquiring customers – partnering with a content player ? or market on your own?

Partnering with a content player is not out; in fact we’d certainly do that. But our mainstay is going to build a community of authors and readers on, for which we will market on our own. The idea is to create an ecosystem that promotes book publishing and reading. The next set of features we will release on our site would be aimed at making it easier to prepare a book for the author and at helping readers decide which books they want to buy.

What questions do you have for Pothi founders?

Leave that in comment section and I’ll ask them to reply here.
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