Intinno’s Paathshaala – A Web 2.0 Approach to Classroom

Intinno – is a web 2.0 startup aspiring to bring social face to an Indian classroom with  Paathshaala – an LMS platform that brings administration, teachers & students together in a collaborative way. Paathshaala allows handling of  assignments, sharing of questions & answers among students, notifications between faculty & students through email & SMS and other goodies such as access to resources like lectures, study material etc. which would bring student closer to the academia.

The app is designed in a modular way, in the sense that new requirements of individual universities can be added to the core structure of the application on case-to-case basis. Some modules such as one to detect plagiarism, another to auto-evaluate C-programs written by students form excellent assisting agents for faculty to ensure competitive responses from their students. While Paathshaala does have great value for Indian schools, universities & colleges, but lack of awareness & reserved psyche of the Indian market might pose a steep climb for sales for the startup as it would be possible only through typical offline meeting methods. More importantly, many of the big education houses tend to hire services agents which end up installing Moodlerooms, Blackboard, Sakai and other plenty LMS’s available in the market.

Joy Deep Nath, the co-founder of Intinno agrees that scaling their application would require them to introduce SAAS philosophy and open their application for signup & use in the global market. Providing a well hosted solution with cleanest of UI would be a critical differentiation for Paathshaala. Another good opening for Intinno to consider is to throw open development of “modules” by enthusiasts across the internet. This would do their product good, albeit with some gutsy decisions in the background.

Intinno has been funded by IIT Kharagpur’s entrepreneurship cell, and is now based out of Gurgaon, Haryana. Dear readers, do give Paathshaala a spin & your valuable inputs too.

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