Introducing 90di – train + airfare search

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Introducing 90di – train + airfare search

90di, the newest entrant in Indian online travel industry is attempting to cover the entire spectrum of travel that is relevant to the Indian community :: cheapest airfare search + train search.

Few key features of 90di:

  • Routing from any place to any place (i.e. place without an airport as well)


  • train routes graphically on the India map.
  • Real-time availability of tickets
  • Mixed mode search (Train + Flight). It can show routes which combine a flight and a train journey.

90di supports all places in India which either have an airport or a station – and has close to 4000 places overall.

Do give 90di a spin – they look promising to me and am sure will gain traction in the coming days.
If somebody can build intelligence in train search, I strongly see a value in that. Right now, most of the travel products are scratching the surface and very few are going beyound the obvious.

iXiGo has got a good competition!

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