Introducing Appnomy, The Visibility Platform For App Developers

India is among one of the largest consumers of apps, but when it comes to production we aren’t just there. It’s the same story with product startups, but apps are very different. Apps are appnomy1mini products, and they don’t really need capex. Apps could be very experimental in nature – you could be working part time and still build an app factory..

But here is the big deal – if you are a company that is into app development, you need to really build apps like the way you build any other technology business. Apps do involve the same level of UX studies, market insights as any other product business and we will drive these discussions on Appnomy.

After all, why can’t Angry Indians build the next Angry birds from India?

Well, (formally) introducing Appnomy – a site we have been working, experimenting for quite sometime and have been in touch with a lot of app developers to really understand what they need from us.

Top 3 suggestions From App Developers

a. Give us visibility: Like startups, we don’t have money to market our app – and we need a visibility platform. Putting up your app in the app store is pretty much like Spray and Pray approach and we all know that – hope can never be a strategy. Similar to what does to startups, Appnomy will be to app developers – i.e. be “the” visibility platform and get the word out for you.

b. Engagement: App developers live in silos. There are platform groups – i.e. iOS, Android, Symbian etc – but is that how you build a community? NO.

Also, most of app events in India offer ZER0 engagement – they are there because they have sponsors money and they need to do something really quick and vanish later. There is no ground work towards creating an app ecosystem – and we want to play a mega role here.

c. Business/Marketplace: Where do I find app developers? How do I hire them? Can we create a marketplace which enables you to quickly test your apps in different devices, without buying them? Can we enable such friendly transactions? We say YES.

Appnomy is a grounds-up approach towards app ecosystem and we will soon announce a few interesting initiatives regarding the same. It took us a while to understand what can bring to the table (we started off with a hypothesis that creating an app directory would be an awesome thing, but app developers need much more than a standalone platform).


What Next?

You can submit your apps for review and mind it, you also need to review other app developer apps.

Please note: Appnomy is a community platform – not just an editorially driven site.

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