Introducing Baskar, Amagi Founder [UnPluggd speaker]


Introducing Baskar, Amagi Founder [UnPluggd speaker]

UnPluggd has always been about insightful discussions, candid entrepreneurial journeys and we are glad to announce the first speaker for upcoming UnPluggd – Baskar.

Baskar is cofounder of Amagi, a technology company that has disrupted the TV advertising business in India. Before starting Amagi, Baskar was CTO at Impulsesoft, which happens to be among the first successful IP exits from India (read: From $20K Investment to $9mn Exit, How to Bootstrap a Business).

Amagi lets you buy spots on premium National TV channels that will be played only in your city – i.e. has localized TV advertising using its cloud based service.

Amagi is a very interesting startup journey especially when you are told that the founding team didn’t have a lot of media business experience and eventually, ended up disrupting the local advertising space on TV!

Another interesting aspect about Amagi is that nobody in the team has an official designation in their business cards – everybody carries ‘job description and responsibilities‘ [and NOT a designation]! So how do you build a team when there aren’t any official designations (given that Indians often look at ‘senior’, ‘lead’, ‘VP’ etc roles)? Baskar will talk about all of that.

We are super excited to have him share the journey of Amagi!

About Baskar

Baskar is a dreamer, always in an ideal world, thinking in the most optimistic fashion ever ;(whoever said entrepreneurs are optimists, would certainly have seen Baskar up and close). Loves to explore technology solution to business problems. Claims to be a great programmer, although he has not written a single line of code for the last ten years!

He likes to build companies – he has spent the last 17 years in building technology and building companies. An M.Tech drop-out from IIT-Bombay, Baskar earlier graduated from GCT, Coimbatore specializing in Computer Science and ever since has been on the prowl looking to build technologies fitting business needs or looking to build businesses leveraging high tech.

Baskar started his career in Texas Instruments in Bangalore building distributed computing systems – but was soon out building a new company – Impulsesoft. Baskar, as CTO at Impulsesoft architected products and systems at Impulsesoft and subsequently at SiRF (NASDAQ listed US semiconductor firm which acquired Impulsesoft).

Baskar loves straddling between technology and business strategy bridging the two. At Amagi, which he co-founded, Baskar drives business strategy, investments and technology architecture. Baskar has a host of patents to his name and regularly mentors various start-ups and businesses.

UnPluggd: Details

Date: December 1, 2012.
Venue: MLR Convention Center, Brigade Millennium Campus, 7th Phase J.P.Nagar, Bangalore – 560 078 (map).
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