Introducing TV.

Today, we are glad to announce that we are launching TV, a video based content format that will focus on startups, technology and a whole lot of interesting stuff .pitv

Nikita Upreti from Iamstarting will be the editor of TV and she will drive a lot of content/interviews/discussions on the site (get in touch with her if you have any suggestion/request:

Nikita was earlier running earlier, an online audio and video podcasting website, focused on interviewing entrepreneurs, investors, hackers. This is an important milestone for as well as Iamstarting team and we look forward to your inputs/suggestions on our video channel.

Aside, if you are running a niche blog/content site and see a strong partnership with (i.e. you think we can make it bigger by joining hands), let’s talk (email:

Introducing Nikita Upreti

In her own words:

I had learnt how to sleep with my eyes open, I guess doing monotonous work each day was getting at me. This is when, I started meeting new tribe of people who had nothing but passion and a strong will to build something. I liked this culture and wanted to help them tell there stories. This is when with help of a friend of mine, I started an “unnamed project” and as luck would have it, the first story I told was of flipkart team.

I struggled with the name for this project for few days and then one day serendipity to be thanked, I came up with iamstarting. I started telling stories of startups who had just started and focused on what industry calls “early stage startups”. And then on, we talked to a lot of smart people on the way.

One such meeting was with founder of PI Ashish Sinha. We talked about technology, gadgets, trends and startups. This was good meeting and after a few more such meetings, countless discussions, bottomless cappuccinos – here I am – with TV!

As Editor PI-TV and after few weeks of planning and learning, TV goes live right now and let us know your thoughts on what other content you would want to see on TV!

Everyone has one good idea, all that people need is a blink! So, we’ll try and push people over the edge to just start-up. If you are still reading till here, stop and head over to PI TV.

Pi TV will be a delivering some of the most recognizable and inspiring faces in tech. The entrepreneurs, the investors, the developers — everyone in fact who is helping to change the world, one idea at a time (without soap music ;)). We will be visiting start-up offices, calling them to Pi office, absolutely where ever we can get our cameras. We will be covering startups & tech the way it should be.

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