Tech is not just eating the world – it’s gulping it like crazy.

And it’s time you decide whether you want to be (someone’s) breakfast or have your breakfast!

Given the speed at which the ecosystem is evolving and the noise around it, we surely need a simpler way to stay to the ever changing world, without losing our mind.

The times they are a..changing (again)

Many years back, when using the word startup was a taboo (and often equated with ‘being unemployed’), I launched to create a platform that provided the much-needed vehicle for founders to get discovered, do the first-PR about their startups, access investors and pitch to a whole lot of early adopters. built a community of founders and doers that helped each other to build, grow and build world class companies.


And today, as tech enters deeper into our lives, we believe that the world needs a lot more access to signals around tech landscape and ofcourse, startups need a lot BETTER access to early adopters than what they have now.

In fact, given the state of economy and democratization of tech powered by AI, I certainly believe that we are at an interesting point where we can reimagine the future and the first step to do is by having access to more signals.


In its new avatar, is a bite-sized AI-led news app that delivers you trending tech/startup news, new product launches and a whole lot more – as they happen.

With a special focus on AI news, products and emerging landscape like AR/VR, aims to become the source of news, information, product discovery and insights for the tech ecosystem globally.

We are format agnostic – some news can be delivered in less than 60 words, some are better served as tweet and some as a video. You will find all these as you experience the product.

Download the app on Android, iOS (or just scan the QR below). Give it a spin and share your feedback (I am on ashish [at]

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