I am glad to introduce Prashant to our readers.

Prashant is a mobile enthusiast, Program Manager @ Monsoon Multimedia and is the founder of MoMo Delhi. Of course, he is an aspiring entrepreneur and hence, he will write interesting posts on Indian startup scene (esp. related to marketing/sales and lot more cool stuff).

Asides, most amazing thing (personally) about starting NextBigWhat.com is the quailty of people I end up interacting with. Prashant is one classic example. He is one of the avid readers (I hope so: J) of this site and I am amazed at the quality of comments he leaves in the posts. He brings great insights and enriches the post content with his analysis.

And am glad to announce that he will be one of the plugs (i.e. writer) @ NextBigWhat.com and I look forward to some real cool stuff from him.

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