Introducing: ProductGeeks. A new revolution begins !

Today, I am extremely happy to announce the launch of ProductGeeks – a new platform which goes way deeper into making India a product nation (we showed a sneak preview on Valentine’s day).

Product Geeks : The Product Revolution Begins Today
Product Geeks : The Product Revolution Begins Today

We have tried many attempts to build a community – all we have realised is that NextBigWhat is too many things to different audience / target segment – a product discovery platform, a media business etc etc.
So here is what we are doing now.
We are doubling down on our vision – which is to build a very amazing product community with the launch of

What’s ProductGeeks really all about?

India has more startups than products and I have said this earlier and I am saying it now again: Founders, your T-1 time has already started. Enemies are at the gate and there ain’t no time to do a la-la dance.
Most of us will probably have 1 mega chance and the only way to get it right is to first get the right product out.
This is what ProductGeeks precisely aims at enabling.

ProductGeeks is the learning and community arm of NextBigWhat.

We have launched Product Management courses and just finished our first cohort. The next batch starts in the month of May.

Expect a lot more when it comes to PM and related courses. We will create a new talent pool of product thinkers in India.

We are bringing a new revolution in this country!

A community platform

And the community is not just about founders, but also product managers , marketers and a whole lot of geeks.
Yes, the community platform is back ( Do checkout a few interesting discussions (If not PRD, then whatHow to map a great customer experience).
We have had our own learnings when it comes to building communities and now, we are taking a hybrid approach to foster the product community.

  • Online: The community platform is back. Get help / help others / share what you are learning/get involved!
  • Offline: Meet others face to face during our meetups / conferences (to start with, ProductGeeks Conf ) for deeper engagement. We will be announcing the plan for our meetups and conferences very soon.

Enabling Product Talent hiring

Hiring a product talent in India is tough. Very very tough. And it is largely because of the quality of available talent.

We are not just training the new talent, but also creating an opportunity / a marketplace to hire them.

– If you are / your company is hiring for product role, share the details here.
– If you are into products and looking for better opportunities, hop here.
In essence, we are now enabling #ProductThinking and fostering a much stronger product ecosystem in the country by enabling these connections – i.e. a full stack approach.
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Is ProductGeeks only for startups and mid-sized companies?
No. In India, innovation is happening across the board and we truly look forward to working with all those who are breaking the mould and buiding their sexy thing.
What happens to the slack community, now?
We might use it only for AMAs. The regular conversation / discussion will happen on the new community platform, but we have big plans around AMAs and Slack fits in there. We are still evaluating the right way to go about it (which means, just hang on).

A ProductGeek.
PS: For any suggestion / partnership discussion / feedback, please reach out to me :
PPS: We are hiring marketing dude/dudette for ProductGeeks (2-4 years work ex). You should be into martech to apply for this role (just email me).
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