Introducing Sid..or Ali? [We Can Haz Daily Toons]

We are hiring and the latest dude to make it thru our rigorous interview process is Sid..or wait..maybe his creator, Ali!

When I first met him, I got an impression that he was a student from an Eastern country on an exchange program. The impression continued till someone managed to annoy him. Out came a torrent of specialist Hindi words which I cannot type here. However, I must admit that he was an funny character. His Hindi continues to impeccable and his name continues to be Ali Baqri. His last name is pronounced like the Hindi word for goat with a emphasis on “a”.
Ali’s lack of interest in things academic was overcompensated by his love for things creative. After graduation he worked as a software engineer, a consultant and as an investment banker. Along the way, he also threw in an MBA degree from Chicago Booth. However, he never lost his facility with humor and art. Fun is his passion. So much so that he has quit his investment banking career and life in London to return to Indian in order to establish an Indian cartoon studio.
It gives us great pleasure to introduce his first product to you – Sid in Office – a daily cartoon series depicting the work life of Sid – an Indian engineer. Please join us in welcoming Sid and his creator Ali Baqri to the family!
His first creation is here


PS: If you are wondering about the title, its an inspiration from ICanHazCheezeBurger.

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