Introducing SneakCast – the first video search engine from India

SneakCast is the first video search engine from India, focusing on the vertical search market


The site has been launched couple of hours ago and here is quick QnA with the founders of SneakCast:

  • Looks like (and correct me, if I am wrong) – SneakCast is more of an aggregator which crawls through various video sites?
    Yes, I accept that SneakCast is an aggregator and that is only because not even “GOOGLE” has the engine to only ‘index’ the video content so even they have to aggregate. You must be aware that indexing can only be carried out ONLY to collect text data, HTML keywords etc. Which in the case of videos is not possible at this moment due to presence of embed codes, which is again different for different websites. So we aggregate videos from websites spread out on the ‘WWW’.
  • You mentioned SneakCast is India’s first vertical search engine – What’s so Indian about it (the fact that you guys built it from India or you will crawl more Indian content?)
    I say ‘Indian’ because we are Indians who developed the idea, we are based in India and again this is the first time that a video search engine has been launched on the Indian shores.
  • Whats’ your USP? Why should one search using sneakcast – I can always go to Ulinkx and search across youtube/google/yahoo/metacafe etc videos . Technically, whats your differentiator.
    You speak about Ulinkx which has BUGS all over their website.. Their rating system hardly works Ashish. SneakCast is the engine which has its own algorithm developed right from scratch. The results displayed are NOT only based on our algorithm but also on ‘User Voting Input’.
    All the results are ranked according to their credibility which is created by our users themselves. Everything, is kept out in the open for our users.If they like the video you help it climb up the ladder but IF NOT then ofcourse it climbs down or even crashes down the ladder.SneakCast spits out video results quicker than ‘‘ and more RELEVANT search results. Also, we are not only giving results from Youtube and those 5 different websites but from about 100’s of them out there. So to be very honest with you Ashish SneakCast’s main technical differentiator is its ‘Algorithm‘.

SneakCast is currenly in beta phase. It won’t be right to review the product now (I am sure there are jagged edges), hence do give SneakCast a spin and share your comments.


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