Introducing: The NextBigWhat 4.0 Version; Leaner, Sharper and Sexier.

Hello world.

NextBigWhat over the years has always been about bringing to you the latest in Indian and global startup and technology news, keeping you informed, up-to-date while at the same time ensuring an emphasis on up-skilling and actionable knowledge via our courses, meetups and community initiatives like our marquee conference UnPluggd, which will be celebrating its 17th edition come December.

Today, we are happy to announce version 4.0 of NextBigWhat: leaner, sharper and more meaningful than before.

Quick recap:

  • Version 1 of NextBigWhat was a startup blog (Pluggdin!) – highly opinionated, lots of action and debates.
  • Version 2 was a startup news and community platform – it is something which remains close to our heart!
  • Version 3 has been a mix of being a community and a discovery platform.

Version 4, which we are unveiling today is all about you. And our sincere attempt at enabling you to become future-ready and information-smart.

If more information was the answer, then we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs.

Derek Sivers

Jargon aside: What exactly are we doing? Three things:

#1: Focus on deep-tech.

Gradatim Ferociter (Step by Step, Ferociously) / courtesy Blue Origin.

We are the home of deep tech content in India. And to this end, we are interviewing founders / business leaders from AI and EV companies. Expect 2-3 deep interviews per week (some free, some pro).

Again, these interviews aren’t meant for everyone – these are meant for the ones who believe in shaping the future, prefer to have a skin in the game in shaping up the new world.

If you are one, just go ahead and signup for our newsletters.

#2: News and Wisdom

We are shifting news from the website to where it actually belongs: the most important app on your phone, i.e. email.

Our well crafted and curated newsletters are loved by more than 1.4 million subscribers – we continue to grow this in a very focused manner, ensuring we deliver a great product to you!

Sorry. We forgot to do any PR around this – but this is still day zero for us. We aim to hit 3 million subscribers by Dec, 2019.

Signup, select your interest areas and chill !

We ensure we save you 1 hour worth of time, at a minimum on a daily basis.

#3: The NextBigWhat Academy

We launched the NextBigWhat Academy last year with just 1 course – our comprehensive Product Management Course (fyi: next batch starts Oct end, 2019).

I am happy to announce the launch of 4 new courses, which will go live very soon !

We continue to stay focused on our mission of enabling you to Build, Grow and Repeat (incidentally our tagline) – i.e. scale product-led growth businesses using actionable knowledge and wisdom from our courses as well as community efforts.

TL;DR: We are not doing any media/newsy content on NextBigWhat anymore (unless it belongs to deep-tech segment). We have totally moved away from the media-centric business model and while we continue to play the role of curator, we are now deeply focused on our courses and conferences – delivering you signals and actionable insights.

We strongly believe that there is info overload on the web (=distraction) and if you are the kind who respects his/her time and on continuous lookout for more signals (that help you become better at your work), you’d find NextBigWhat 4.0 super helpful !

We respect your time and would rather be a partner in your journey towards creating great product-led businesses!

I personally believe that the golden moment for Indian product ecosystem is just around the corner and it’s time to push the pedal !

This is why we started and happy to go back to our roots – of product and tech!

Inch Wide. Mile Deep.

Of course, we continue to bring super actionable content via our conferences and community initiatives (meetups, AMAs) and do expect a whole lot of new initiatives in the coming days.

Next step? Go ahead and signup for our newsletter (if you haven’t already!).

If you are part of a deep-tech company, we would love to talk to you (just contact us).

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