Introducing the PowerPlug (April Month) Finalists

Company:Hazel Media

Hazel Media has developed a technology framework to rapidly build vernacular language apps for mobile and tablet devices. The framework does not require the underlying device to support Unicode or Indian vernacular language fonts, and works even on devices on Android 2.3 where correct rendering of Indian vernacular languages is still a challenge. The goal is towards a system of rapidly creating vernacular language apps across all verticals, enabling Content Providers to reach out to the non-English-literate masses via low-cost devices.


Vivacash runs Skilled Cash Games sites. Users can play games of skills such as rummy, solitaire, freecell, word games, car racing games, etc. online for money. The startup is the online gaming partners to MTV Roadies and MTV Stuntmania.


Delivery Chef enables users to order food online for delivery from Mumbai’s best restaurants, bakeries, mithai shops and more for no extra cost. It offers exclusive special offers to its customers and interactive features such as reviews, ratings and liking items.


Dhiti provides content discovery on publisher sites, thats self-serve, and installs in a few minutes. It packs contextual recommendations, topic pages, automatic categorization, and exploratory site search – all restricted to expensive products installed on big publishers, for free to the rest of the world.

And 5 Finalists from the month of March.

Company:Ohana Media
If you have a website, chances are that customers engage with you across multiple touch-points – search ( paid and natural ), display, direct traffic, social media, email etc. At each of these touchpoints customers provide you with tons of implicit and explicit data about their intent. It’s a no-brainer that you should be using this data to ensure you reach out to the right customers, at the right time, with the right message.

Company: Onze
Onze is re-inventing LBS for commons. LBS today, and specifically direction based services are restricted only to those people who can afford a high end navigation device or a GPSenabled mobile phone. With Latlong, Onze’s flagship product, every individual with a mobile phone can get directions in most human friendly manner.
SMS your request to a regular mobile number (9008890088) in any format and you will be delighted by the response you get. It’s almost free, but for the SMS charge that you pay your operator.

Company: HirePlug
The world’s economy is growing and companies are hiring more and more people. It is becoming harder to get best talent to keep the innovation going.Today’s companies face huge attrition and very high cost of talent. After All the spendings behind job boards, agencies and social networks, the quality of recruits is low and cost of recruits is high. On the other side, everyone is friend-ing more people and building their networks on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Essentially, Social networks are ways to digitized the relationships. Once, a relationship is digitized it becomes a lot easier to manage and people are able to friend more people as they move on in their lives.

Company: Ayojakayojak
Ayojak serves the need of event organizers by providing an integrated event solution. Our suite of offering includes ready to customize attendee registration for online & retail, offer suite of payment solutions, effectively promote an event and effortlessly handle event support & logistics.

Company: Zipdial
Traditionally Mobile VAS players have been PUSH based and their engagement platform with end users has either been a cumbersome IVR experience or the complexities of a SMS Short code or Long code. zipdial_logo These models have their own pitfalls and have failed to engage with a large community of users, for whom the SMS Cost and SMS formats have been huge entry barriers. In addition, the PUSH based model of content delivery has failed to address issues around SPAM marketing and visibility into the usage metrics. For example, a content provider pushing latest steel prices to its group has no idea on the usage metrics – read and even receiving it.

Who do you think deserves it?

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