Building $10m ARR business in so called “non existent” markets: Introducing UnPluggd speaker: Bizom’s Lalit Bhise

One of the themes for the upcoming UnPluggd conf is well..cockroach startups, i.e. the ones who survive, grow and scale sans noise and drama.

One of such companies is Bizom, a retail intelligence platform that empowers CPG companies with the right retail technology to digitize their supply chain ecosystem. Started in 2012, Bizom now has more than 550+ brands and 7.5 million retailers on its platform.

Bizom cofounder and CEO, Lalit Bhise will be sharing lessons learned building Bizom – esp when it comes to selling to Indian SMEs (something which is considered unsexy among VCs). Truly a cockroach startup founder, expect a lot of candid wisdom from Lalit on selling SAAS to Indian companies, finding price-market fit and a lot more!

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