These IITians Dropped Out To Put the Magic Ring On Your Finger

Successful entrepreneurs’ stories reveal that many are college-dropouts, some haven’t even finished school. There seems to be yet another example in the making: Abhishek Sharma, Harshit Srivastava and Vivek Kumar who dropped out of IIT Kharagpur to make it big. Their company Intugine technologies, have come up with a product named Nimble, a ring-sensor combination that will let you control your laptop/desktop with a single finger.

Accuracy and response timing are the key features of this product. Basically aimed at making gaming easier, the Nimble is set for pre-order. ” You might have heard of similar products being launched.But they have used different technologies and cater to a different audience. Their range of action is also very small compared to Nimble which is 15 feet,” Harshit said.


An added advantage is that when it comes to gaming, multi-player games can be played. A group of upto 8 players can sit side by side and game with just their finger. As you can point and write in the air, it is very effective for presentations as well. You can swap slides at a distance of 15 feet.

As the product launched at the bigMobilityConf 2014, the first question shot at them was ” why havent you been acquired yet?”

Right from the scratch

The team has been granted the patent of the product at the international level. All the aspects of the product has been developed by the team themselves. Currently bootstrapped, the team is eager to connect to android developers and users and review their products. Priced at Rs.5500, the first 500 orders are discounted at Rs.3500.

Other players in the field

Leap Motion, that came up with a similar product has a range of 2 feet only. Finn, developed by a Cochin-based startup, is a product that lets you quickly interact with your smart devices. Based on motion-sensing technology, the tech world is yet to test and discover the best of the gesture control devices.


Future plans

” We plan to build a new line of economic devices for both home and office use that will entirely change the present scenario of how people interact with machines. In future, we see Nimble integrated with PCs, Smart TVs and Virtual Reality Headsets and being used by people of varying age groups and backgrounds,” Harshit and Abhishek said.

 Watch Intugene’s Launch at bigMobilityConf

The Nimble team will soon go international. They are hoping to ship for both developers and consumer units soon. Basically aimed at gaming and entertainment, the Nimble changes the way we interact with our smart devices.

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