Intuit Launches Money Manager in India

Intuit earlier partnered with Moneycontrol for soft launch of Money manager and has today announced the official launch.

Intuit money manager helps you to plan, track  investments and is offering 90 days free trial.

So how is it different from Intuit Money Manager in US?IntuitMoneyManager_SaveTimeSaveMoney[1]

Intuit money manager for India (website) is money manager plus budget planner that supports investment tracking as well (integrated with Moneycontrol portfolio).

Personal Finance tool from Intuit

Personal Finance Products:

Typically, personal finance companies fall under following categories:

  • Manual – companies like trackspends fall under this category (you do all things with ‘virtual’ money).
  • Screen Scraping (Arthamoney does this)
  • Bank Integration – Very few companies can claim to do this.

Intuit Money manager is targeted towards urban population and is integrated with bank accounts as well.

The product is tightly integrated with Moneycontrol (you need to login to MC to use the tool) and to me, that’s a great GTM strategy, but how sustainable is it?

Shouldn’t Intuit be building it’s own product portfolio/user base than rely on Moneycontrol for growth?

What about Mint integration?

Also see: ArthaMoney Money Manger – Mint Like Financial Manager for India

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