Invaluable lessons from founder of Indonesia’s first Unicorn.

Nadiem Makarim launched Indonesian ride-hailing service Go-Jek back in 2010. For him, it was simply a way of improving his country's flailing motorcycle taxi industry. But, within six short years, Makarim had gone down in the history books as the founder of Indonesia's first unicorn.
“When we began, everyone told us that you have to be only good at one thing, because if you're not super good then no one will use your product or other people will come and circumvent you with better technology, more money etc.” Makarim says.
“I think the mindset that we had in the beginning is that a customer is not a ride-hailing customer, a customer is not a food delivery customer, a customer is not an e-payment or an e-wallet customer, a customer is just a customer.”

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