“The Future is Present” – 5 Investing Tech Trends To Watch Out For

For investors, the future needs to be present.

Well if we had a proverbial crystal bowl, we would have imagined what would have been the top 3 investment tech trends in 2014:

A)     Big data analytics.

B)     Socially enabled business processes.

C)     Mobile customer engagement.

But for investors, the future needs to be present. We need to think where is the next big business creation. Where is the industry of tomorrow?

The Future!
The Future!


So here goes our 5 investing tech trends to watch out for in 2015:

1)     Wearable tech: Embedded and wearable tech in invading the wellness, fitness and the preventive healthcare markets. Consumer oriented devices which actually monitor, solve problems and provide data input!

2)     Sensors: Beacons and sensors are now talking with the cloud to create contextual information for a consumers use. In a few years time, everything will be connected to the network.

3)     Robotics: Robot platforms will emerge allowing innovators to focus on new applications. Companies will innovate through this platform and have an edge on the competitive landscape and aim for more disruption.

4)     Cyber Security: Companies are increasingly seeing cyber security not just as a technology challenge but a key corporate risk issue. It is now a useful tool for gathering information on all corporate ecosystems.

5)     Battery & Power technologies: Batteries are starting to influence key product design and infrastructure as well. The power and battery technology industry is pursuing operational efficiency and pursuing innovation with new business models.

Will these investing tech trends become hot in 2015? Only time will tell. But for now investors have seen enough of the ‘aggregation theme from the unorganized to the organized’ for this year atleast!!!

What are your thoughts?

[About the Author: Nitin Shakdher is now a professional investor as the Founder & CEO at Green Capital with the core focus on asset management advice, knowledge investing, capital markets and venture funding. The Green Capital group is an exclusive private capital investments firm that invests in early stage growth business, angel and seed capital, public equities and mid market private equity. You can reach him at nitin@thegreencapital.net or connect with him on: linkedin and twitter.]

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