Personal Finance Portal InvestmentYogi Raises Angel Round from Valley Based Investors

investmentyogi InvestmentyogiHyderabad based personal finance website InvestmentYogi has raised an undisclosed amount in angel funding from Silicon Vally based angel investor Safa Rashtchy and others. The company did not share the exact amount of investment but said its between $100k – $500k.

This is the second round of investment from Rashtchy, said Anirudha Basu, the Chief Operating Officer of InvestmentYogi. “The new round was raised in January,” he added.

InvestmentYogi is a financial portal and services comapny. Its tax filing website is one of the largest in the country. The company has also had a slight change in its earlier approach. While its motto was “Learn, Share and Grow,” earlier, it is now about Taking Control of your Finances.

Rashtchy will now be the Chairman of the company’s board. The company, founded in 2008, has helped out to more thatn 4.3 million users with financial planning, Basu told NextBigWhat.

InvestmentYogi has built a large library of “How do I” queries that answers your questions related to financial planning. Read more about the Investment Yogi from our previous coverage here.

Recently, financial investment analysis and research portal Investopresto had raised a new round of funding from Singapore based angel investment company Crystal Horse. The startup had raised $300k from Crystal Horse in 2011.

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