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InvestmentYogi : Personal Finance portal

Hyderabad based startup, InvestmentYogi has launched TaxYogi, an online tax preparation softwareinvestmentyogi. TaxYogi provides an easy and speedy way to prepare IT returns and in future will integrate with analytics and a recommendation engine.

InvestmentYogi’s approach towards financial consultation is very interesting – they have built an entire library of “How do I” queries (and a very useful library) that answers your questions related to financial planning.

The site is neatly laid out, and thanks to
team’s blogging and article generation efforts, they will receive lot of SEO referrals. But the basic missing point is ‘Call to action’, i.e. now that one has read the article/blog, do what? I think that’s one area that needs to come out clearly!

Market Opportunity for Online Tax Filing companies

  • E-returns upto 31/03/2008 : 21.93 Lakh (up by 504 % from 06-07)
  • Corporate E-returns : 3.96 Lakh (up by 11 % from 06-07)
  • Voluntary E-returns : 14.42 Lakh (66 % of total E-returns)
  • Top states: Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, West Bengal, Punjab and Karnataka.

There is surely a big market available for these companies and of course, place to innovate/create compelling services.

Give InvestmentYogi/TaxYogi a spin and share your opinion.

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