Invitereferrals Wants To Help Website Owners Better Manage Referral Campaigns

Invitereferrals is a tool designed to help website owners launch customer referral campaigns across website and social channels.

invitereferralsMany a times, we have made purchases based on recommendations and reviews from friends or others in our social circle. Knowing that someone has tried and tested a product we plan to purchase, reassures our decision and makes the purchase quicker.

In the online marketing space, tracking website referrals and analysing their effectiveness is not an easy task. Word of mouth and social recommendations is considered to be the most trusted form of marketing and Invitereferrals is a tool designed to achieve similar results for websites by  helping them launch customer referral campaigns across website and social channels. Many site visitors avoid using such referral tools in fear of being spammed.

Invitereferrals is trying to help solve these problems with their DIY service. The tool allows site owners launch referral campaigns, that will allow their customers to invite friends via multiple social channels like email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, linkedin, chat, email etc. The service will come in handy for marketing teams wanting to launch online promotions like a product launch, seasonal promotions etc.

Campaigns can be launched in the form of ‘top referrer’ contests, goal or sale based achievements or ‘invite to unlock’ campaigns. Along with detailed performance analytics, the service also allows the site owners to tracks each invite, referral visit and sale/goal conversion generated through the campaign. The analytics data can also be downloaded after apply filters to segregate the data.


The tool provides users with a WYSIWYG editor to customise their campaign template and  also supports off the shelf integration with major platforms like Opencart, Magento, Shopify etc. Once integrated no code changes are required to the campaign and the tool is also compatible for deploying campaigns on mobile device.

The service, available in more than 18 languages, currently has over 600 customers, both free and paid, both domestic and international.

Some of the bootstrapped startup’s Indian clients include Lenskart, KartRocket, Zepo, Exotel, VoiceTree, NaturalMantra etc.

The pricing for the service is based on number of invites sent and starts from $19/month.

GroupSave by Hyderabad based Pramati Technologies is another tool that offers a similar service.

The Invitereferral team consists of co-founders Siddharth Gupta and Aman Gupta . This is the duo’s second venture, earlier in 2011 they had started tagNpin, which began its life as a location based photo sharing platform and later on pivoted into a social loyalty program.

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