iOS 12 will disrupt the hearing aid market : AirPods will support Apple's Live-Listen feature

One of those unannounced features of iOS12 could be a game changer for those hard of hearing: Apple’s iOS12 will make AirPods compatible with Apple’s Live Listen assistive hearing app.
After enabling the feature in the iPhone’s settings (General/Accessibility), users will be able to use their phones effectively as a directional mic. 
This means you can have AirPods in at a noisy restaurant with your iPhone on the table, for example, and the voice of whomever is speaking will be routed to your AirPods – without any extra hardware.
Live Listen feature allows iPhone users with hearing aids to hear people in noisy environments or from across a room. So far, Live Listen feature was only compatible with few hearing aids, but iOS12 will enable the support for AirPods as well (via).
Disruptive, isn’t it?

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