iOS 16.3 expands Advanced Data Protection option for iCloud Encryption globally

Image Credit: MacRumors
  • Apple is expanding Advanced Data Protection beyond the United States.
  • With iOS 16.3, the security feature will be available globally, giving users the option to enable end-to-end encryption for many additional iCloud data categories, including Photos, Notes, Voice Memos, Messages backups, device backups, and more.
  • By default, Apple stores encryption keys for some iCloud data types on its servers, but if Advanced Data Protection is enabled, the encryption keys are deleted from Apple’s servers and stored on the user’s devices only.
  • iCloud already provides end-to-end encryption for 14 data categories without Advanced Data Protection turned on.
  • All of a user’s devices must be updated to Apple’s software versions that support Advanced Data Protection in their country to use the feature.
  • When Advanced Data Protection is enabled, access to is disabled by default, but users have the option to turn on data access on
  • Advanced Data Protection is designed to maintain end-to-end encryption for most shared iCloud content, as long as all participants have Advanced Data Protection enabled.