uChek, an iOS app Can Read Urine Tests [Making Healthcare Cheaper]

Myshkin Ingawale
Myshkin Ingawale, Co-Founder, Biosense Technologies

In India, real problems have a problem of being overlooked. While young wannapreneurs run behind the so called “cool” factor, the older ones end up starting yet another services business. Many things in between, are lost in the noise. The hope of inspiring a generation of new entrepreneurs lies in a few outliers. If you haven’t already, meet Myshkin Ingawale.

Ingawale is the co-founder of Biosense Technologies, a company which wants to democratize health care. His first innovation, is a disruptive medical device to test hemoglobin levels which costs just as much as a low cost mobile phone would cost. The device has potential to significantly reduce Anaemia deaths in the country.

Biosense Technologies, backed by GSF Accelerator, has now launched its latest product– a smartphone based urine testing kit. The iOS app, uChek, is capable helping urine testing which can be used for prevalent medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney, liver and bladder problems among others.

The machines used today to log results of a urine test cost about $1000. Ingawale’s app costs $ .99. “This is basically the 10 rupaiya model for healthcare. Microentrepreneurs can have a clinic in their palm,” says Ingawale. The real benefits will come when we make it work on an $80 smartphone, he added.

How does it work?

The uChek system comprises of an app, urine dipsticks and a light box called cuboid. It uses the iPhone’s camera to read urine dipsticks and log the results. The simple solution comes at a fraction of the cost of present systems. The picture below shows how it works.


What’s next?

The running joke is that after blood and urine, the next will be sweat, says Ingawale. On a serious note, “The idea is to develop more and more affordable healthcare technology,” he said.

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