Will you say “iDo!” when your kids ask for an iPad?

iPad for kids? Well, a cool 33% parents favor an iPad for their kids. Moreover, above 80% of them agree to fund game and ebook downloads! What’s more is that 92% of parents approve the iPad as a homework tool and 88% of these parents claim their  kids to be doing well in school. The best part is that they consider 2hrs of usage each day to be okay! I remember my childhood and how my dad used to freak out on me when I used the PC too much!

iYogi Insights presented a consumer research about how parents view the iPad. Here is a brief:

The Willing Vs The Unwilling

Interestingly, 22% are even willing to allow them unlimited time on their iPads. Parents, what has happened to you!

Time Spent on iPad not an issue!

Sadly, 50% of the 67% unwilling parents prefer their kids to play outdoors and not with an iPad. Also, more than 62% of the unwilling parents prefer to buy another device, the personal computer. So even with cooler gadgets like the iPad now easily available and affordable, the PC still rules the show.

PC Still Rules!

Newer gadgets like the iPad are capable of bringing a revolution in the way kids learn. There are loads of apps which are great educational aids especially for younger children. Although most parents still prefer conventional means, but I believe with parents getting cooler each day, that day won’t be far when most of them accept and acknowledge this change. Having written that, it makes me want to be a kid again!

Do give in your comments about what you think about the research. Also, what would you do as a parent?

Image Credits: iYogi Insights

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