Only 4,000 3G iPhone Sold in India?

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So how many 3G iPhone have been sold so far?

When the phone was launched, only 10 people actually bought the phone (we did questioned the craze over iPhone and whether it’s justified or not).

Thanks to iPhone’s buzz, Nokia too launched N96, much before the scheduled date.

iPhone and N96 Sales Figure (India)

And the result?

As per BusinessToday

  • the total number of 3G iPhone sold in India is less than 4,000
  • For N96, the number stands at less than 1,000.

While the numbers don’t match our expectation, one can’t expect a 10X difference. As far as operators are concerned, they don’t really have a say in the pricing:

As a service provider, we are simply providing the iPhone experience to our customers. The price of the phone has been fixed in tandem with Apple and there is no room for us to keep a profit margin. – CMO, Airtel

Price of 3G Phones in India

Unlocked Google Android Phone for Indian Developers ($399)

iPhone price in India

To add colors to the entire mobile sales growth, the rate of growth of mobile sales in India has declined (by ~10%).

Smart phones market saw a growth of 15.7 percent in the second quarter but compared to the earlier 60 percent growth, there is a drastic fall in the growth rate.

Is India Inc ready for these high end phones? Will 3G play a big role in accelerating the iPhone sale?

What’s your opinion?

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