Updated: Everybody is selling iPhone 5 in India except Apple. eBay, GetDandy, Bhaap.com are selling the new phone

Bangalore based deal site Bhaap.com is claiming that they will be the first to sell the new iPhone 5 in India at Rs 71,995 starting next Friday! A press release by the company says

Come Friday, Bhaap.com India’s home of Steaming Hot Daily Deals brings to India for the first time ever, the much awaited Apple iPhone 5. Bhaap.com is the first Indian online shopping portal to be retailing the iPhone 5 and that too for the lowest price that you can get it for…Catch the Apple iPhone 5 at the lowest price in India on Friday, 28th September, 2012 only on Bhaap.com. This once in a lifetime deal opens at 10:00 am and will only be available for 24 hours or until the very limited stocks last.

As reported by Pi earlier, Apple which launched the iPhone 5 has not yet said when it will roll out the phone in India and it is likely to start selling the phones in India by November.

We’d also pointed out that iPhone 5, uses nano SIM cards which Indian operators may not be ready to supply yet. All this makes us suspect if this is just a clever marketing ploy. But hey, if it happens, good.

Bhaap claims that the phone will be unlocked , within Warranty and will be available in16 GB, 32GB and 64 GB.

Update: It appears that everybody else except Apple is selling iPhone 5 in India. E-bay is selling it, so is GetDandy.com (see comment below). Both e-bay and GetDandy are selling it for under Rs 60k. On the e-bay sellers site, it says that they have already sold 23 units.

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