And Now, iPhone Can Spray Perfumes Thanks to Mumbai Startup, Atomyzer

Mumbai based startup, Atomyzer, has devised an iPhone case that will replace your perfume and hand sanitizer bottles.

The smartphone has come to replace many things – your watch, a camera, a calculator, mp3 players – all things tech. And now, it will also help make redundant that bottle of perfume you carry, your hand sanitiser and even mouth freshener. Courtesy, Rahul Dharod, a Mumbai University graduate and his colleague, Raymond.

Rahul and Raymond have developed a smartphone case “that sprays”. The case called the Atomyzer is currently available only for the iPhone 5/5s.

“The idea was conceived when I was flying light with only a carry on bag and was made to check it in because I carried my cologne with me. There are travel sized alternatives, but none are truly as handy as having it connected to your phone,” narrates Rahul, Founder and CEO, Atomyzer Inc.

The team have custom-made the case and cartridge that is integrated with it. Users can fill the cartridge and use it for upto 60 sprays, before refilling again. Atomyzer is airline approved, and has a patent pending on the design.

What is the Atomyzer Made of?


  • A 0.84” thick ABS plastic case

  • A nozzle that can be twisted clockwise and anti-clockwise to lock and unlock

  • An ultrasonically welded, tough, refillable cartridge made of plastic that prevents leakages

  • An elastomer in-line to protect the phone further

  • Snap-on accent cases in different designs to customise your Atomyzer case

lock unlock

Atomyzer was devised after a year of trial and error in product development. It has had 100 iterations and prototypes before finalising on the final design.

“We tested numerous prototypes and considered various manufacturing processes to get a robust leak proof case that sprays liquid. We figured out the best combination of functionality as well as manufacturing process and partners,” says Rahul.

atomyzer stages

The Atomyzer case will retail for $20 for the first 50 customers, and $35 post that. It will currently only retail in the US.

Being a Mumbai-based startup, Atomyzer has teamed up with a manufacturing partner in Mumbai to help with production.

design 2

Atomyzer has an Indiegogo campaign target of $20,000 to meet by June 9th to help kick off production. They have already reached 5% of the target.

The Atomyzer team is currently 3 member strong, and they plan on expanding the utility of their product to facilitate the use of pepper sprays, mouth freshners and asthma medicine pumps in the future. It will soon also be available for other smartphones.

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