iPhone and the Indian market – what are your options?

Officially, iPhone may not be available in the Indian market for another few months. But are Indians really looking out for iPhone? I don’t think so. Have a look at the trend data:

Max. searches are emanating from Singapore, Greece and HongKong,
All said and done, Indians aren’t the innovator/early adopters, but I hope they don’t turn out to be laggards as well (as always with any Apple products) !!

But in case, if you are heavily “bogged” by the iPhone hype, here are a few tips/good news for you:

  • Wipro and HCL are in a process to ink a deal for the dealership, but nothing has been finalized (link)
  • Though the current iPhone works only with AT &T , thanks to the ‘grey market’, even Indians can use the iPhone (with local operator connection)
    grey market operators say they can “unlock” the phone for just Rs 1,000 or Rs 1,500 so that it can be used on any network in India.” [Business Standard]
  • Go for the alternatives :

The funny thing is that iPhone book/manuals are out too! (@Amazon).
Well, who doesn’t want to cash on the hype – be it user generated or blogger/media generated hype?

Tell me honestly – how much of media hype has affected your perception about iPhone? As far as I am concerned, iPhone is all hype to me.
I won’t be surprised if users, in another few days start reporting problems (remember iPod heating up?)

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